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I have been writing since I was a young teenager ( what about 4,000 years ago?). I majored in Music and English in College. I have written a lot of short stories, devotions, and humorous prose. I am married and have a daughter currently living in Pennsylvania. My first children's book "Where is Grandpa" is available on currently as well as "Huggin' Jesus." In the past I mostly enjoyed writing my "No Matter What" column because it has enabled me to reach many people and it has enriched my own christian life as well as my family and hopefully my readers. God shows me something; I begin to write, and out comes the story. I am also hopeful that I will be able to publish my "No Matter What" columns in a book that includes all that I have written. For now you can check out some of my writings on,,, and I want to thank all the readers for being a part in our webzine. You are greatly appreciated. Lately God has touched on me to write "Our World Today - Trying to be a Good Christian in some bad times." I feel that it is very timely and very identifiable for any person in faith or struggling to achieve more faith.

Thanksgivings Combined – A story of renewed Thankfulness

On this cold Thanksgiving morning, Karen gets out of her car with her  husband and two children following behind her.   She holds a sweet potato casserole,  her husband carries the stuffing, her teenage daughter juggles her cell phone and a … Continue reading

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That’s going to leave a mark!

podcast   A couple of days ago, I visited my daughter’s school for open house.  She not only had to see her current teachers but last years as well.  It was great to see her take such heart in her relationship … Continue reading

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Don’t Give A Hoot!

I started writing this column many years ago the primary focus on God’s Unconditional Love.  In every facet of each person’s life you can unearth some small need or minute deficit within their being that needs  love thrown into it.   Not one person … Continue reading

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Tangled Up! Just Don’t Even Go There!

Not long ago, while I was driving my daughter to school, I saw two calves who had gotten stuck in the barbwire fencing near the road.   They were stuck pretty good.   I had imagined that they had only … Continue reading

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Smile (Even though it’s Monday)

A smile to give someone a second chance at a grumpy day Continue reading

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Staying Within The Lines . . .

I can’t believe that I learned to drive for the first time in a Pinto!  That shows my age right there doesn’t it?   I mentioned it to my son once and I think he thought I’d lost my mind … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Discouraged!

 I never tire of looking at my husband.   I have known him for 10 years and still to this day whether I’m on the couch watching tv with him or I see him pass me by on our street … Continue reading

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Train Wreck. Have You Seen Any Signs?

Near our home, there are a few railroad crossings. One has the big gate arm that comes down, huge flashing “X” red lights, screaming chimes, enormous horns sounding; I don’t even know what all.   My husband told me on … Continue reading

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Pork’n’Beans and “What Is Faith?”

Why do they call pork and beans “PORK and beans?”   When you open said can it is loaded, compacted, overflowing with beans and then there will appear a miniature piece a suggestion only if you will of “pork”.   Or … Continue reading

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Don’t Drive While Painting Your Nails And Who Is Running This Country Anyway?!

I learn a lot from my kids.They teach me something all the time and in turn I try to throw them some upbringing along the way . . . seems only fair. A couple of years ago, my daughter was … Continue reading

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I’m not joking around here.  Tortilla chips can be used as bait.  Possibly any chip, potato or chocolate in make, and other varieties of crumbs, segments, or particles of food make great bait when you own pets.  My dog Scooter … Continue reading

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Our World Today . . . Nudibranches. Cute, deadly, and familiar?

Do you know about Nudibranches?   I love these little guys!  (and gals too)  My daughter and I watch underwater videos all the time just to see these fascinating, brilliant creature.  Recently I thought I’d read about them.  Apparently, there … Continue reading

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Hi! I just got back from the grocery store and boy is my checkbook tired. I mean I just spent $4,988,677 at the grocery store! Now that I have groceries, I have completely lost my appetite! Do you know what … Continue reading

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Carry Out

Does your dog like carry-out food? Or is it called takeout? No, I don’t suggest he eat people food. I ask if your dog prefers to eat his dog food out. . .? Can someone explain to me why my … Continue reading

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Back To Normal . . . I Suppose.

If any of you follow me on twitter you probably already know the stunt I pulled almost 3 weeks ago.  I twisted both of my ankles at the same time.  You have to be pretty coordinated to be able to … Continue reading

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