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For nearly 50 years I have regularly written poems, plays, articles and devotionals for various publications. I have written 6 books. I have terminal cancer. God as granted me much more time than the doctors' expected. Every day is a blessing.


“Hurry up Ben!” Eli shouted over his shoulder as he ducked into the crowd already gathered before dawn in the outer courts of the temple. Benjamin ignored a sharp pain in his bad leg as he hurried to catch up. … Continue reading

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Paddling, hurling, bobbing, whirling with increasing pace Carefully He shapes it as delicately He feels, Touching, holding, smoothing, molding with the fingertips of grace. It rises to His vision on the dizzying, spinning wheel. With tender touch and tiny blade perfect … Continue reading

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Twisting, folding, slapping, scolding, Pounding with his hands, Every hardness softened, every weakness pressed, Feeling, minding, pressing, Finding the offending grain of sand, Slipping through His fingers the moistened clay is dressed. He must know its every facet feeling every … Continue reading

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