Never Alone


Three thousand, six hundred and twenty-eight, that’s how many tears you shed today. When the alarm went off this morning, you hit the snooze button, rolled over and mumbled, “I can’t do this.”

I softly whispered in your ear, “we’ll get through this day, together.”

You cried as you stood under the shower, thinking no one could hear you, but I did. I cried with you and I patiently waited for you to talk to me. Instead, you left for work without saying a word.

At work, I heard your boss list all of your mistakes. I know it made you feel unappreciated, frustrated and discouraged. I tried to tell you that I have something better lined up for you but I just need you to hold on a little while longer.

You slipped inside the bathroom and snuck in a few more tears. I thought you would want to talk then but you couldn’t find the right words; even though I told you that you could never say anything that I didn’t already understand.

On the way home, I made sure that your path was well lit so that you could get home safely. You still didn’t say a word as you walked inside the house. You just went straight to the bedroom, curled up in bed and soaked your pillow with tears. I gently put my arms around you and waited for you to talk. When you finally cried out to me, all you could manage to say was, “Lord, please help me.”

That was all you ever needed to say, My child. You see, your Heavenly Father is here and He has never left your side. I saw every tear and felt every pain. I could hardly wait to help you. I wanted you to know how precious you are to Me and how much I love you so I moved the clouds to make way for the sun to shine on you during the day and the moon and stars  during the night. I opened the flowers to show you their beauty and to perfume the air. I made the leaves on the trees dance and the birds to sing. Yes, My child, I love you that much and I just can’t leave you alone.

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About Tammy Glover

Tammy Nicole Glover works in the mental health field. She writes short stories and devotionals. She has two inspirational blogs, and
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4 Responses to Never Alone

  1. Nydia DiCarali says:

    Thank you, Tammy. Again, a very timely message. I pray God continues to use your writing to encourage the Body of Christ.


  2. Ron Silflow says:

    Beautiful snapshot of honest, raw needs remedied by an eager, loving, pursuing Father. Thanks for your words.

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