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Purpose of my new book, The High Sign, is to assist Christian believers to prepare for the final great event in world history – the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. An unusual trait of this book resides in the fact that even those readers who disagree with its theme may receive assistance to become ready for the Day of the Lord.

The motion picture It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World began with Jimmy Durante telling a group of comical characters that they could find treasure by looking “under the Big W” in a park in a California coastal city. The treasure seekers scurried aimlessly about the park to the disgust of one of their wives. She watched their clueless search, shaking her head. But then a look of recognition appeared on her face and she said in a hesitant voice to a bystander, “I know what it is.” She was looking at the Big W: It was a cluster of palm trees, growing in the shape of a W, silhouetted clearly in her line of sight against a backdrop of sky.

An analogy can be stretched beyond reason but, like the woman in the movie, I discovered something important at a time when I wasn’t looking for it. The Lord has called it a sign, and signs are for recognition and identification. This sign isn’t supposed to be another Bible mystery. It will stretch across the sky in brilliant illumination to herald the Second Coming of Jesus, according to the account of the Lord Himself (Mat. 24:27-30).

I think I know what it is.

Here’s how this came about: Ten years ago I began reading the biblical book of Isaiah. When I came to the eighth verse of the sixth chapter, I stopped. Isaiah had heard the voice of God saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?”

Responding enthusiastically, Isaiah said: “Here am I! Send me.” And the rest of the book of Isaiah consists of great visions given supernaturally to the prophet, including many about the Day of the Lord when Jesus will return.

After reading this verse I prayed the same prayer Isaiah had prayed, and I meant it. During the next few days, as I read through the book of Isaiah, I started seeing prophetic imagery associated with that day which I hadn’t noticed during many previous readings of the same Scriptures. I began compiling a list of the images and recognized what I thought were noteworthy similarities between them. I compared the Isaiah verses with each other and with Jesus’ words as recorded in Matthew chapter 24. By the time I had finished reading the book of Isaiah this thought was in my mind:

I know what the sign of Jesus’ return will be.

After another decade during which I have made frequent studies of the book of Isaiah and all the other biblical prophecies related to the Second Coming, I am more positive now than I was in the beginning. I feel like the woman in the park in the movie, knowing something, yet wondering when and how this information should be disclosed. Will anyone believe me if I tell them the unconventional idea that I am convinced is true?

The sign of Jesus’ Second Coming will be a comet.

How, for the past ten years, have I been developing this thought? First of all, the evidence of about twenty cometic images in the book of Isaiah that originally put the idea in my head has grown over the years. By the time there were forty of them, in 2007, I wrote a book entitled The Sign of His Coming, which didn’t have much impact on the Christian book industry. But now, eight years later, there are 54 of these images plus much more independent evidence.

Besides the 14 additional cometary images in Day of the Lord Scriptures, I have found evidence that 25 major historical events described in the Bible can be associated with the appearance of comets. These include the great Flood of Noah, destruction of the Tower of Babel, annihilation of Sodom and Gomorrah, the plagues of Exodus, the Red Sea crossing, the Long Day of Joshua and four events associated with Jesus. A total of 131 pieces of factual information add to the evidence that the 25 are cometic. Nothing significant – not a single scientific fact or verse of the Bible that I have found – contradicts any of this, and I have located relevant texts in 53 of the Bible’s 66 books.

The first 24 of the 25 events already have happened, with descriptive details from many sources indicating that they were indeed associated with the appearance of comets. The only one of the 25 yet to occur is the return of Jesus. Identifying the celestial object that will herald the Day of the Lord, and encouraging believers on that day to proclaim the gospel of salvation with joy to “multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision,” is what this book is about (Joel 3:14).

David S. Heeren

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