He drops back and looks for an open receiver. No one is open, so he decides to keep it. He gets to the five, the four, the three, TOUCHDOWN!! We have all seen this scene and know what follows there immediately afterwards. Generally the player follows this with a celebratory dance or mini-drama. The latest craze hitting the nation is the endzone celebration of Tim Tebow.

Tim’s celebration has even received a title, “Tebowing.”After every touchdown, Tim takes the time to bow his knee and thank the Lord. Doesn’t sound like much of a celebration does it? Tim’s endzone celebration, although subtle has received a great deal of publicity and scrutiny.

Stephen Tulloch of the Detroit Lions impersonated this bow, shortly after sacking Tim for a loss. Lindsay Vonn, an Olympic Skier and native of Denver, recently borrowed this pose after winning a major skiing event. There are websites devoted to people doing this pose in random places and posting pictures of it on the site. Additionally, this pose has been the headline for multiple newspapers and ESPN programs. One would think that the antics of other players would receive much more attention, especially in light of their elaborateness and creativity. What makes this pose so interesting? Why all the hype?

Every Man Will Tebow

Tim Tebow is most known for his accomplishments as a Quarterback while playing for the Florida Gators. While playing at Florida, Tim was nominated for the Heisman Award twice and won the award once. Tim’s performance as the leader of the Florida Gators cannot be divorced from his consistent outspoken faith in the Lord. These two attributes are the most defining characteristics of the Tebow name.

Tim is now the starting QB for the Denver Broncos. Since becoming the starting QB he has won seven out of his eight games. When you think Tim Tebow, you think of his faith and stellar football career. In light of this all, what about Tim and this expression of his faith calls for so much attention?

For some, this could be a tribute toward him and his faith. For others, this could be a form of mockery. Whether a form of devotion or mockery there are several things we can learn from this. With all the scrutiny around Tim Tebow and Tebowing, we should remember this certain truth: Every man will one day participate in Tebowing. We will all bow the knee before the Lord.

Every man will one day participate in Tebowing. We will all bow the knee before the Lord.

The recent popularity of this pose may be hard to explain, but one thing is for certain we will all one day bow the knee before the Lord. Some will bow the knee in humble adoration and others in their humiliation. This reality should break our hearts and motivate us to mission. Our passion should be to see all men humbly bow the knee, in admiration of our great Savior. Not everyone will accept this message.

The gospel message will always be accompanied by scrutiny and mockery (1 Cor. 1:18). Even while scrutiny is present, the Christian should constantly eye the endzone. You will have to face massive defenders, and dodge obstacles, but the heart of the Christian should forever be focused upon receiving the prize at the end of the race.

Even after you have been beaten up and bruised, the joy that awaits you far exceeds the pain of the past. When you finally cross you goal-line and are able to hear the crowd of saints cheering from the grandstands (Hebrews 11-12:1), all your pain and sorrows will pass away. Then the clock will strike zero and the game of life will end. Then all mankind in unison will participate in Tebowing. The fourth quarter has arrived. What will you do with the time left on the clock?

“As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God (Romans 14:11).”

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