How do we become the “salt and the light” of the world?


Why, via the “Salt and Light Institute” -of course !

Here is a brief caption from their home page-

“We are a non denominational, non sectarian institute dedicated to providing foundational education opportunities  consistent with God’s Word to the church community, their pastoral and leadership staff, laity, homeschool educators and their students; all levels of government employees to include executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government; local and municipal personnel, educators and students in primary and secondary schools/universities, tea party and grass roots groups, non-profit and advocacy organizations, and the general public.
To be Salt and Light in today’s secular landscape requires much more than church membership or dedicated bible study.  One must study history, civics, economics, and all manner of theologies.  We strive to offer programs of study that will enrich the students foundational understanding of what it means to be Salt and Light to the world. “

Sounds like a pretty good group, with some great goals, to me.  I know a few people at a group that is affiliated with the Institute- so I wanted to pass along this info to the good and concerned readers of Believers Bay.  Check them out, and keep them in your prayers….

God Bless,


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