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Law & Grace Introduction

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A waitress after my own heart

I am one who firmly believes the pen is mightier than the sword. Consequently, I have a fully stocked arsenal with every pen and pencil imaginable. I look with a jaundiced eye at the person who is ill equipped with writing instruments. I am fully prepared at all times with the exact pen or pencil needed.

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Prayer Request

I would like to request prayers for my family and myself.   A few days ago my mother passed away.  Two days after that I had to bury her beside my father.   It was kind of unexpected and it has caused … Continue reading

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New Features

Tonight I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress.  To my great surprise they’ve added a new navigation bar.  You’ll see this bar at the very top of the page. By default it’s turned on while you’re viewing the site … Continue reading

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It Just Makes Sense

Growing up in church was not always that great. I must admit my journey has taken many detours and I have ended up here. By that I mean I finally understand what church was meant for although I didn’t learn … Continue reading

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Please, don’t call me “Sweetie”

The past several weeks I have been trying to keep my curmudgeon levels to a minimum. It has been a struggle but I am happy to report I have been making fantastic progress. That is until the other day. The … Continue reading

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Image in My Mirror

There is an aging image in my mirror this morning; an image that I feel I should know. He appears familiar, yet I can’t or perhaps, choose not to place him. The seasons of life have etched his face with … Continue reading

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Winter’s Dance

White winter blanket covering the ground. Swirling and whirling as it comes down; Shifting and drifting to winter’s dance; Children watching as in a trance. Traffic all creeping as on they go; Slipping and sliding through winter’s snow. Streets now … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Off Our Pastor’s Back and into his heart…

Today, more ministries are closing their doors than are opening. “Four thousand new churches begin each year, but over seven thousand churches close.**” Continue reading

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Scratch That Itch

In everyone’s heart, there is something they have always wanted to do, but have never found the time or have made the time to do it. It’s an “itch” that one carries through their life, often times starting at an … Continue reading

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Knowing Him is True Hope

There is hope in the knowledge of Him.  What kind of hope?  Hope that God’s Spirit will show us the deep things of God.  (1 Corinthians 2).  If we, as believers, seek God, we will find Him, when we seek Him … Continue reading

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It was an Apple fritter kind of week

Have you ever had a week where everything went exactly as planned? Neither have I. Every week I start out believing this week is going to be different from all the other weeks of my life. This week everything is going to turn out the way I planned. If this has ever occurred, I cannot recall it.

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No Matter What Column – February – Crushed Hearts

God’s in the business of helping us fools. Somehow he can take that pink sand and form it into hearts again. Psalms 34:18 (NIV) says “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” And I’m glad and thankful for that. Continue reading

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Think of the Kids

Think of the Kids Have you ever seen a situation where one child was left out? A group of kids are playing and one is excluded.   Don’t you want to go hug them and tell that child that he or … Continue reading

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This was written for Susan, our oldest daughter. She had been experiencing what she called a “long hot summer”. There were so many things that had happened to their family that she was experiencing discouragement. Our family had planned a … Continue reading

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