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How To Actually Accomplish New Year’s Resolutions

New beginnings are very easy. They offer change, they offer promise, they offer hope. Yet, with all that they offer the one thing they don’t really offer is completion. It’s very easy to make new years resolutions. Good intentions are … Continue reading

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No Matter What Column – Four Legged Chickens

Practically everything you buy says “artificially flavored.” How does that work? If it’s artificial than how did they come up with the same flavor of something that is real like say lemon? Don’t you have to have the original flavor to start with at least? Aren’t lemons the only things in this world that taste like lemons? I mean you can’t make a piece of paper and say it tastes like lemons if you didn’t have some sort of lemon influence somewhere in the process.
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As the anointing gives further clarification, we realize that there is such a depth of communication, that HOLY, HOLY, HOLY is in essence, merely denoting the language that is being spoken. Continue reading

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Blind Man’s Story

A blind man’s story Barnabus and Sara were in love, he saved his money to pay the price for his bride, now they were married. Life was wonderful he’d served as an apprentice to the cobbler and tanner, now he … Continue reading

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Did Not Our Hearts Burn?

The heat of the day started to wane, making their journey a bit easier than it had been when they started out earlier that day. They were less than seven miles from Jerusalem and not far from their destination of … Continue reading

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A new look at the old year

Sometimes it is better to suffer wrongfully for a good purpose.
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