Mom We Love You


Mom We Love You

The world lost a beautiful lady last night.   Rarely do we see a person whose light can’t be hidden, someone who really does let her light shine to bring a little ray of light into every life she touches but I have had he privilege to know such a person and to call her mom.

November twenty fifth nineteen eighteen a baby girl was born and her mother named her Vira Blanche Ford, she grew up on a dirt farm in east Texas she was one of seven kids, three girls and four boys.  Times were tough they made their dresses out of the material from feed sacks. They didn’t have a computer or a Television, not even a phone. They didn’t have any of these things because out in the country they didn’t even have electricity.

This little girl grew into a strikingly beautiful young lady, then during the dark days of the great depression she met and fell in love with a country boy whose name was George Patrick Dalton, and even though they never had much in the way of money they too raised seven very blessed children.   They were blessed because they had parents who really loved them, and parents who never failed to tell each one of them how much God loved them.

As I write this with tears streaming down my face, they are not tears of sadness as much as tears of thankfulness, thankful that I had the pleasure of knowing a loving mother who constantly told me how much she loved me and constantly reminded me that God loved me even more than she did.

Her ninety one years three hundred and sixty three days on this earth saw many hardships, she saw her home burn to the ground in which the fire destroyed everything, all the baby pictures of her children and all the keep sakes from her mom, this would be a tragedy if it happened to any family, but this lady saw it happen twice in the first eight years of her marriage.

In the last ten years of her life she lost her husband, a son and a daughter.   Yet she never ended a telephone conversation with out saying “I love you.”  The church doors never opened with her being there, unless she was deathly sick. She was never so poor that she couldn’t help out a person in need.

Today if the sky is a little less bright it is because a light has gone out in this world. Yet I know there is rejoicing going on in heaven, when Pop welcomed Mom into the presence of the Lord where they can live forever in a mansion that fire can’t destroy, and where death can’t intrude ever again.

Her greatest physical assets she left behind are three well worn Bibles with many verses underlined and lots of notes in the margins.   Her tired old body final gave out and will be dressed in a beautiful pink suit that a lady from church gave her a few years ago she will be laid next to her husband of sixty five tears, but she is not dead, she lives on for eternity with her Lord.  My brother said it best when he said as she lay dying, “You know she has been preparing for this day all her life.”

Mom if you can get e-mail in heaven we just want to say we love you.

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About George Dalton

George is a born again Christian, Husband, Father,Grandfather, Great Grandfather. Christian Writer, Business owner, lay minister, pilot, and forgiven sinner. George began writing after an accident five years ago that caused him to be in the hospital for fourteen days and in a hospital bed for three months during home therapy. George asked his wife (Jean) to bring his computer to him. He started writing to family and church members. Then trying to find other ways to share the message of Christ he began submitting articles and short stories to magazines. George has found that writing is a fabulous way to share his faith and to link with others who are sharing their faith.
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  1. George Dalton says:

    last week I wrote about my mother today I add a new note.
    What A Wonderful Family Reunion.
    My mother’s only surviving sister died last night. Exactly one week after my mother. My grand parents are having a wonderful family reunion this morning. This is the same generation who persevered through the great depression, fought and won world war two, watched the invention of rural electricity, the telephone, television, wrist watches, air conditioning, credit cards, cell phones, jet airplanes, electric tooth brushes, automatic washing machines, McDonalds, pro football , the computer and the list goes on. No other generation in all of history has lived through so many life changing experiences as this generation. Yet one thing did not change every person in this family was a strong believer in God.

    My grand parents, who were poor east Texas farmers all their life, have produced at least five ministers, twenty five deacons, fifty Sunday school teachers. One of their great-great grand sons is pastor of a church in Arkansas now. A great-great-great grand son is in seminary school working on his masters of divinity as I am writing.

    Grand pa if you can get an e-mail in heaven—congratulations, you ‘ve got them all home, and the rest of us are doing fine. Please keep watching over us and whispering to the heavenly father about us.

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