As we look toward the distant horizon, our minds say NO WAY.
But deep down in our hearts, we are determined not to stray.

Our perception has not always been this keen. In fact, we have
not always been this “purple and gold fighting machine”.

The callouses on our knees, the determination that is in each heart, this all goes hand in hand. Each of us is determined to do his part.

My voice may not be all that I would like.
Maybe I can’t draw or write or make banners.
But I can dig a ditch or sweep a floor,and above all else, I can have good manners.

It is not my ability on which God’s love is dependent.
Rather, He searches my heart for things of which I may not even be aware.
To my astonishment, the seemingly small things are what allows His grace to be so resplendent.
Those things that caused so much of my concern were hardly worth a single care.

Now, as this fighting machine starts to move from it’s hanger,
We each begin to take stock. One exclaims,”I’m a wheel”.”I’m a wing shouts another”. “I’m the instrument panel, a third one shouts”.
Not all of us can be the “Big Banger”.

A thrill of excitement ripples through as we realize that there will be no “night fighting” in this war.
The King of Kings and Lord of Lords leads us with a light that is greater than any star.

The demons that we encounter, each makes a lot of noise and puts on a big “show”.
But in the end each one gets “footprints” up his back.
The fact that we are winners is not something that we are told. Rather, we just know!
The enemy is all bluff because they turn and run when it is evident that Jesus is leading the attack.

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Married to Joan for 48 years. We have three children, 10 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren. I have spent a lifetime exploring God's Word and my guiding truth is to believe something only because I have validated it with God's Word. author of "THE FORCE - A prophetic revelation produced and maintain the following web sites: www.HydrogenConversionGarage.com www.PositivePublications.com www.PositekHouseLeveling.com www.PureLiving.cc www.PositekSolar.com www.LouisianaAwakening.com www.EndTimeStrategy.com
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