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A post Thanksgiving wishbone

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I am able to sit back and recoup from the activity. I’m not sure about anybody else, but a holiday such as Thanksgiving takes a lot out of me. Of course, it puts a lot … Continue reading

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As we look toward the distant horizon, our minds say NO WAY. But deep down in our hearts, we are determined not to stray. Our perception has not always been this keen. In fact, we have not always been this … Continue reading

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Mom We Love You

Mom We Love You The world lost a beautiful lady last night.   Rarely do we see a person whose light can’t be hidden, someone who really does let her light shine to bring a little ray of light into every … Continue reading

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The Woman Caught in Adultery

There is no doubt she did what they said, is there? It says she was caught in the act. It never says she is remorseful about it. There are no verses that she was a believer in Jesus or a follower of His teachings. Nothing indicates that she has a clue who this man drawing in the dirt is until she sees His authority in action and sees the people who accused her walk away defeated in their efforts. And even then, she calls him Lord – or teacher. That is like us saying, “Sir.” It was not an acknowledgement of faith, but it was a beginning. Continue reading

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A White Fluffy Christmas

Much of the world we live in today is just too conservative in the wrong way. People are too conservative about being politically correct . . watch what you say, how you say it and to whom you say it to. However it is that fear that paralyzes others in ignorance about our Lord Jesus. Continue reading

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Dive In – Matthew 14:22-33

by Lance K. Wilson, Sr. It is reminiscent of a Hollywood action film. I am speaking of the passage of scripture in Matthew 14:22-33. Here’s the scene, Jesus has told his disciples to go across the lake and wait for … Continue reading

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