Hello Heaven, Put Jesus On The Line


The bruised and battered oilfield worker, walked gingerly into the office building.

Conscious of his torn and dirty clothes, he had tried to cleanup as best he could.

About all that was accomplished was to trade the dust for streaks of mud.

Slowly, Tom made his way to the receptionist’s desk where he was met with a cold stare.

“You’ll have to be seated while I find someone to help you,” was the asinine command.

But then, from an adjoining office, a petite redhead appeared. “You’ve been hurt,” she said as she rushed to his side. Unmindful of the dirt and blood, Raelene helped him to his feet.

“Come with me to the break room. I’ll clean you up and get you something to eat.”

“Miss Moore,” came a stern command. “Leave him alone and get back to work.”

Because Raelene was a new employee, she didn’t know what she should do.

“Miss,” Tom whispered, “take my phone and punch in “72”.

Taking the phone, she did as Tom had requested.

“Mr. Buller’s office,” came the reply from the other end. With an astonished look, she handed the phone over to Tom.

“Margaret, put Dad on.”

“Dad, I’ve been hurt but not too bad. I’ve finished that assignment and now I need some help.”

“Miss Moore, leave that tramp alone and get back to work.”

It was then, that a breathless J.P. Buller, came rushing down the stairs. Hearing the snide remark of the receptionist , Mr. Buller barked, “You’re fired. No one treats my son that way.”

How often have we been attacked by the enemy as we have been at our weakest? Like Tom, we have the blessed privilege of having someone on our side.

“Hello heaven, put Jesus on the line, the Devil’s trying to take what is lawfully mine.”

“Devil, heel at my command.” Jesus steps into the room. His eyes are blazing as He barks forth His commands.

“You don’t treat my brother that way. Now give it back and seven times besides.”

Gathering me into his arms, with a look of compassion on His face, He gently wipes away the tears and smooths my wrinkled shirt.

“Hello heaven, Jesus is here right now. What could I ask beside?”

My every hurt and all my cares. They all disappeared when Jesus walked into the room. I can tell Him every pain and problem as I nestle by His side.

Communing with the Savior, my heart is filled with joy. Now, I feel His release when He left the borrowed tomb. Then, the love sweeps over me from when He called Lazareth forth. The comradery with the twelve, sweeps me up into their midst. Communing with the Savior, I’m in Him and He’s in me.

Lost in the rapture of His presence, I know that He’s more than just someone who madethe world. He is the world.

Heaven, never mind that call. I need to read a text message from the “lover of my soul”.

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